• The models are as accurate as possible at the time of release.
  • All work is referenced where appropriate in the relvant sections of the website.
  • The risk prediction tools provided on this website are free for all to use. The authors and the developers of the tools are in no way liable for outcomes following the use of the tools.
  • Whilst every effort has been taken during the development of these tools for them to be as accurate and reliable as possible it is important that the user understands they are still a prediction and not an absolute. Any decisions taken whist using these tools are the responsibility of the user and no liability whatsoever will be taken by the developers/authors of the tools or the website owner.
  • Whist it is becoming common practice to use these tools to give individual prediction of risk to the patients we operate upon; as yet there is no scientifically validated study that shows these tools can be used in the way. The tools are primarily designed to use in population/group study's and not for individual use.
  • Finally, risk changes with time as new techniques develop and are adopted. The prediction tools made avaialble may over or under predict results as time goes by. Updated models are released and these are indicated where appropriate.

Jason Smith
Consultant Surgeon

Paris Tekkis
Professor of Colorectal Surgery