This site has been developed to allow surgeons to estimate risk online for their patients undergoing surgery. This service is provided for individual use to help surgeons more fully consent their patients by giving mortality and other surgical risk predictions based on relevant prognostic factors including age, disease severity and co-morbidity. Risk adjusted operative mortality can be used as an objective measure of outcome for monitoring performance within a centre or between centres.

Developmental models, other risk assessment tools and sports calculators are also provided. Please remember that the models and tools on this site predict risk. They do not guarantee the outcome. You agree to read the disclaimer before continuing to use the tools provided on the site.

Jason Smith
Consultant Surgeon

Risk Models

ACPGBI Node Harvesting Model
St Mark's Node Positivity Model
Cleveland Clinic Lap Conversion Model
Cleveland Clinic Pouch Failure Model
Vascular-POSSUM Models
Length of Stay Model
Nottingham Hip Fracture Score

Risk Models Under Development

Return To Theatre Model
Elderly Mortality Model
Transfusion Risk Lower GI Bleed
Non-2WW Urgent Referrals

Other Tools

MUST screening tool (malnutrition)
Life Expectancy Calculator
Performance Status

Models for Sports

None available yet